Steve Jobs – Official Trailer

A much powerful trailer for the Steve Jobs movie that is coming out in October this year. The movie, based on Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography and written by Aaron Sorkin, and directed by Danny Boyle.

Charting the times through three key events when Jobs was in Apple, the movie looks to give audience the other side of Jobs which most have heard but seldom acknowledged.

Although the movie is slated for release on 9 October in the US, seems like we will only be able to catch this in 2016. Bugger.

WWDC 2015 Keynote – 9 June 2015 1am

wwdc2015 - The Epicenter of change

Worldwide Developers Conference is back and this year, the keynote will be on Tuesday, 9 June at 1am Singapore time. As with the previous keynotes, it will be streamed live from San Francisco in the early hours of our Tuesday morning.

Live streaming video requires Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 6.2 or later.

Wonders what’s new to look forward to?

Apple Watch arrives on 26 June

Apple WatchApple just announced the availability of the Apple Watch in Singapore from 26 June 2015. Together with six other countries – Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan – the Apple Watch will be available via Apple Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

Besides the usual outles, a curated selection of Apple Watch will also be available at Malmaison by The Hour Glass located at 270 Orchard Road #01-01.

According to Apple:

Customers who purchase from Apple will be offered Personal Setup, in-store or online, to customise and pair Apple Watch with their iPhone, showing them new apps from the App Store for Apple Watch and more. Customers can explore and choose their favourite Apple Watch in the Apple Online Store (, or through the Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad®.

No pricing information was provided but the Apple Watch Sport is priced at US$349 (SGD 470.65)/ HK$2,728 (SGD474.53) – which will give you an idea of what to expect. We will update the site with the pricing information when it is available.

Getting one?

Apple Watch’s Reverse Crown

Wearing it differentlyCraig Hockenberry finds that Apple Watch , especially with the Reverse Crown.

Apple never adds settings without a good reason. The inclusion of a preference for the crown position is a pretty clear indication that someone important knew that this was an ergonomically superior choice. But it’s also one that goes against horologic convention: Apple’s desire for this device to be visually appealing won out over ergonomics.

Was this an unintentional way to wear the Apple Watch or maybe someone did think about it.

A first look at Steve Jobs – the Aaron Sorkin movie

Universal Pictures just released a first look at Steve Jobs – the Aaron Sorkin movie starring Michael Fassbender as Jobs, Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, Seth Rogen as co-founder Steve Wozniak, Jeff Daniels as former Apple CEO John Sculley, Katherine Waterston as Jobs’ ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan and Michael Stuhlbarg as Andy Hertzfeld.

As teasers go, there isn’t much to look at except hearing quotes from the various characters, and then a quick glance at Fassbender as Steve Jobs. On first look, the physical resemblance isn’t there – more akin to seeing Magneto without his helmet and wearing a black turtle neck with glasses. But then, who knows…this is just a teaser.

The movie will come out in October and we’ll see if it ends up like the other Steve Jobs biopic which tanked. – homepage screenshot collection

View every screen shot of since 1997

Florian Innocente loves his Apple and in one of his Flickr album – he has consolidated screenshot of every homepage since 1997 – the image above is just two years’ of homepage between 1997 to 1999.

But that wasn’t the oldest screenshot of Apple’s home page. Kevin Fox found an old screen shot of Apple’s home page back sometime between 1993-1994.

I’m a digital pack-rat, and I’ve been on the Internet a long time. I remember a very different, more playful homepage. I remembered a page that was more Fractal Design Painter and less grids and columns. I remember taking a screenshot of that page because I liked the look of it. But where would it be today?


Definitely not as refined as what we see nowadays. Going through Florian’s Flickr photo stream – do you recognise any of these … or were you even on the internet back then?

(via DaringFireball and Kottke)

Spring forward – Apple Event Mar 2015


The upcoming event for Apple will probably be one of the most important in recent years. Although the Apple Watch was announced in October last year, there are still many details not known to the public. Scheduled to be available in April, this event will be the Apple Watch’s official introduction to the rest of the world.

As usual, the event will be on 9 March 10am PDT – which will be 10 March (Tuesday) 1am (Singapore) time. The event will be streamed live on this page and you can view it on Safari on your Mac or iOS device, or Apple TV1.

In case you need a refresher on what is the Apple Watch – watch the video below.

  1. Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 6.2 or later. 

MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program

macbookpro-retinaIf you happen to own a MacBook Pro that was purchased between Feb 2011 and December 2013, and faces some problems with the display, you might be able to get it fixed for free – even if your AppleCare had expired.

Products affected:

  • 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pro models manufactured in 2011
  • 15″ MacBook PRo Retina models manufactured from Mid 2012 to Early 2013

Should your MacBook Pro display one of the following symptoms, you can check if your model is one of those that qualify for the program.

  • Distorted or scrambled video on the computer screen
  • No video on the computer screen (or external display) even though the computer is on
  • Computer restarts unexpectedly

To check, simply go to this page – Check your Coverage tool and key in your Mac’s serial number. Use this link to find your serial number on your Mac.

If you do have the issue and is covered in this program, do go down to any Apple Authorized Service Provider and get it fixed.

More details here.

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year - artwork was done by my 3 yr old son.

Have a great and prosperous Chinese New Year and the days ahead. I’ll take a short hiatus as I celebrate the holidays with my family and will be back next week.


Recording your iOS screen on your Mac – QuickTips

One of the new features in Yosemite is the ability to record your screen of your iOS 8 device connected with a Lightning cable to your Mac with the QuickTime player. Previously such features were limited to developers using Xcode to do that. With Yosemite, it is just a matter of hooking up your iOS device to your Mac and using QuickTime player to record.

Once you connect your iOS 8 device to your Mac, start QuickTime player, click on File and select New Movie Recording. If your iOS 8 device is connected, you will be able to select the device for the Camera and Microphone options. QuickTime will record the audio from your iOS device if you select that as your Microphone input. Lastly, if you have sufficient HD space, I’d usually set Maximum quality just so when you edit, you don’t lose much of the quality.

Once that is set up, prepare your iOS device and click record.

Below is a segment I recorded off the Vainglory game I’m playing.

So if you need to do a product demonstration of your iOS app, or just to record a FaceTime conversation with your love ones…you just need to run QuickTime player app, hook up your iOS device with a Lightning cable and you’re set. Once that is recorded, you can trim and edit it with iMovie and add in text, animations and effects…to capture the memory.