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New Ad : iPhone 7 + AirPods – Stroll

Apple has released four new ads showcasing the AirPods. Starring Lil Buck, a LA-based dancer joking to the tune of Down by Marian Hill. Defying gravity, the main ad – Stroll – showed how it magically stays in place while he danced. The other ads also show how you interact with the AirPods and also how easily it pairs with the iPhone. See all of them above.

Currently there’s a 6-week wait for the AirPods if you want to buy them via Apple. I’ve tried it briefly and they stayed snuggly within my ears although I didn’t do anything physical to try to dislodge it.

One thing which I can vouch for is the new W1 chip definitely extends both the range and the battery life. I bought the Beats Solo3 Wireless headset when it was first launch in September. With an average two-hours plus usage daily during commute, I only need to change these cans once every two weeks. As for range, you can read the test by iDownloadblog to see how far the W1 extends the coverage. Lastly, if you’re using the iPhone with a Mac, and owns an iCloud account, pairing is done once you do on one device. It syncs across your other Macs or iOS devices via iCloud and just need to select it via the Volume control to play music to your W1-powered device.

Wireless earphones are the way to go – whether Apple killed the 3.5mm jack or not – once you go wireless, you’ll never look back, especially ones with the W1 chip.

iPhone at ten

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at the MacWorld 2007 Keynote address. Before that, we had pagers, candy bars with chunky keyboard with slow and limited apps. Look where we are now. We communicate seamlessly with people all over the world, play games that are used to be on consoles, watch movies that used to live within cinemas … and so much more.

Thanks to the internet, if you were not able to watch Steve Jobs in his prime, you can relieve those moments again as he introduces the iPhone.

Apple celebrates CNY

In time for the Chinese New Year, Apple gathered five young Chinese artists to “reinvent classic motifs to deliver new year blessings with a contemporary twist”. Using Apple products like the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and the iMac together with creative apps, the result of this collaboration is five artworks that incorporate both traditional symbols with contemporary references.

Quirky, yet full of Chinese symbolisms, these colourful artworks can be downloaded as wallpaper for your Macs or iOS devices here.

Apple has also brought these artists to various Apple Stores across Hong Kong and China in the coming weeks for them to share their stories behind the collaboration.

Starting on 10 Jan’17 where you can meet the illustrator behind the Lucky RoosterVicto Ngai in Apple Canton Road, Hong Kong.

There are four more sessions scheduled for the other artists:

  • 14 Jan will be Ye Hongxing at Apple Wangfujing,Beijing, China
  • 18 Jan will be Zhou Fan at Apple Parc Central,Guangdong, China
  • 20 Jan will be Jiang Shan at Apple Pudong,Shanghai China
  • 22 Jan will be Eszter Chen, location to be determined.

You can find out more at the China Made in CNY page.

Remember how you share earphones?

Casey Liss created a Magic Moment with his new AirPods.

With about a minute to go, I opened up my AirPods, ensured they were connected to my iPhone, woke Erin up, and handed her one. She popped in the left, me the right, and we were able to share New Year’s together. We did so silently, with Declan sleeping between us, none the wiser.

This is the perfect script for the AirPods ad that Apple should make.