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Ever type something on your iPhone and find the ever-uptight auto-correction feature change the word to something else that changes the meaning and the tone of the message? Like the word “fuck”? Typing that in iPhone and the little blue balloon will change it to “duck”, rendering that exclamation impotent. However, we are not given access to add or edit the words in the built-in dictionary that auto-correction based it on. But there is a work-around.

One that requires to create an entry in the address book with the word that you want to type that won’t be auto-corrected away. The iPhone will not auto-correct if the word is a name in the AddressBook. So, feel free to increase your dictionary with some carefully selected words into your AddressBook. (Tip from “Ducking an iPhone Annoynance from T’N’T Luoma”:

Flickr announced that they have made videos that were uploaded onto their site be playable on the iPhone and iPod Touch. However these are at the moment, only for newly uploaded videos. Older videos should be converted and be playable on the iPhone platform in due time. Other improvements include enhancing the activity stream information available and an easier way to email photos straight to Flickr via your iPhone or iPod Touch. More information can be found at the “Flickr Blog”:

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