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update – Another HWZ forummer has got it working with a “SingTel Sim card”: Just need someone using M1 to complete the holy trinity.

A “HWZ forummer”: managed to snip his Starhub SIM card to size and fit it within his iPad 3G+WiFi – confirming that it is possible to have your cake and eat it…ie if you manage to find your cake aka iPad here.

bq.. Here is how I do it, the iPad comes with AT&T microsim, I use that to trace on the starhub sim card and then cut it out accordingly. btw I used a sissors to cut

No Setting needed after you insert the sim card, no need to change anything, it will work for Starhub not sure for other service providers

Word of caution – cut slowly and always check with the AT&T sim card and the iPad adapter

p. Go pop over to “HWZ forum”: to see more of his handiwork and do make sure you have steady hands. Also if the SIM card you are snipping is your main one, you will need a SIM card holder that will let you use the snipped-card on your normal phones.

p(#multiSIM). In case you have got yourself an iPad 3G+WiFi, you might also want to check out the various Telco’s Multi-SIM VAS that gives you the additional SIM card to share with your current line.

  • “Starhub Multi-SIM”:
  • “M1 Multi-SIM”:
  • “SingTel Multi-SIM”: (click the OTHERS tab to find the Multi SIM section)
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