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iOS4 will be available soon in the next few hours. While we wait for it to be ready, there are a few things you can do to get yourself prepared.

h4. is your iOS device suitable for iOS4?

  • Only iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G will be able to experience all the features of iOS4.
  • iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G will only have a subset of features while the original iPhone and iPod touch won’t be supported
  • If you have jailbreak your iPhone, do refer back to the sites you got your jailbreak software to see if there are any updates before you upgrade to iOS4. Apple won’t support any issues from upgrading if it was done with a jailbreak phone.
  • Alternative is to restore your iPhone to the original OS and update to iOS4, while waiting for the jailbreak software to be available.

h4. Get iTunes 9.2

iOS4 requires you to use iTunes 9.2 to sync – so run Software Update on your Mac/PC or download from “Apple”: and update your iTunes.

h4. Update your iPhone apps

Developers have been advised to submit iOS4-ready apps and updates are streaming into your iTunes App Store. So download them while you wait for iOS4.

h4. Backup, Backup and Backup

This is one step that thankfully is automatically executed whenever you sync your iOS device. Prior to updating, sync and do a backup of all your data on the iPhone. Just in case, bookmark this “Apple Support Document”: on Backups and find out what is backup-ed, where is the back up and most importantly, how to restore your back ups.

h4. Last but not least…be patient

When the iOS4 is released into the wild tonight, there will be lots, and I mean, LOTS of people who will be pinging their iTunes to download the OS. So there will be delays, drop connections and probably errors if the file wasn’t downloaded properly.

You don’t need to have it on day one, but if you do – be patient.

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