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4 October 2011 Tuesday, seems to be the date that Apple will hold a special media event to launch new products, according to many on the WWW. And the new product…or products?

According to John Paczkowski from “All Things D”:

bq. That’s the day Apple is currently expected to hold its next big media event, according to sources close to the situation, where the tech giant will unveil the next iteration of its popular iPhone.

While Apple was expected to have a Fall event, what will be announced is still up in the air. While most will expect Apple to announce the next iteration of the iPhone 4, leaks on parts and cases have shown that there might not just one, but two iPhones that will be in market later this year. However, possible “production delays”: might see only one iPhone being introduced.

h3. What else will we see?

Something that will definitely be announced will be the “availability of iOS5”: Have been testing the developers beta on my iPhone 4 and the current one seems to be almost done. Apps run faster and the new notification centre is definitely much more user friendlier than before. Click “here”: to find out the other new features coming soon with iOS5.

But what about hardware? Expect to see more – John Gruber of Daring Fireball wrote:

bq. The fall event is important for Apple because it’s the one where they set their product lineup for the holiday quarter. The company prefers to announce new products simply when they’re ready, not when some arbitrary date on the calendar arrives. That’s why they stopped doing Macworld Expo keynotes. They showed this year that they’re not afraid to do a software-only WWDC keynote. But they can’t move Christmas. Apple is breaking profit and revenue records quarter after quarter. But Apple’s best-selling products sell best during the holiday quarter. iOS devices have “Christmas gift” written all over them. … Nine months into the year and Apple has announced but a single new iOS device: the iPad 2. Time’s up, pencils down.

We know we probably won’t see a new iPad this year, but how about a new iPod touch, with improved components and comes with 3G connectivity? This report from “BGR”: quoted an analyst that said to expect a 3G iPod touch. Contrary to that report, a “MacRumor”: posts also indicate an iPod touch but one that has minor improvements but spots the white case, similar to the iPhone 4.

One thing is certain, no one outside Cuppertino really knows what Tim Cook will be unveiling in the coming weeks. Yes, this is the first time Tim Cook will be holding fort at such an event. Will he be able to recreate Steve Jobs’ famous Reality Distortion Field as coined by cynics and more importantly, how will he do that “One More Thing”?

We will be there on whichever date that Apple holds the event and bring you up-to-date information as they come.

(Photo by Brendan McDermid / “BoingBoing”:

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