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Beautify your selfie with Meitu – think twice

Selfie-beautifying app Meitu, which is growing in popularity among the selfie-loving generation, might not just be beautifying your face as you snap them. According to many reports, the Android and iOS versions are requesting and apparently sending more data to their servers.


According to Jonathan Zdziarski, the iPhone version of the app is quietly checking to see whether your phone is jailbroken (because that’s not creepy), which cellular carrier you’re using, and is even potentially able to uniquely identify your device using the hardware MAC address of your phone.

Why would it need all that? He speculates that the company is selling your information to companies who’ll target you with advertising.

Seems like on the Android platform, it’s worse.


It’s normal for a photo app to require permission to access a phone’s camera and camera roll, so that it can take pictures or edit ones already on the device. But, as information security researcher Greg Linares notes, the Android version of Meitu wants a lot more than that: the app can access information about what other apps users are running, their precise locations, their unique device identifier numbers (IMSIs), call information, carrier information and wifi connections.

In this time an age where given the right information, someone can be able to identify you based on your app usage, your location at a particular time and day … and much worse if someone has nefarious motivations to use those data.

I’d rather be safe than have a flawless selfie on my Instagram.