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Putting Apple TV’s Aerial screensaver on your Mac

One of the features of the four generation Apple TV, is the Aerial screensaver it provides. When the screensaver kicks in, AppleTV randomly pulls a slow moving HD video of a famous city, taken from the sky. From Dubai to China, San Francisco to New York. You’ll get to see a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline or busy traffic along its roads.

To get this screensaver on your Mac, you’ll need this open-source screensaver call Aerial programmed by John Coates. The screensaver pulls the same video feed as the Apple TV and allows you to customise the screensaver you want to see – or like me, you can choose to see all.

To download, simply click on this link to grab the latest screensaver v1.2. Double click on the downloaded file to install. You might have to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy tab to allow installation of the screensaver file.

When you’re done, go to the Desktop & Screen Saver tab to configure the Aerial screensaver. As I mentioned earlier, you can select which video to run or like me, just select them all. The other option you should configure is to select ‘Cache Aerials as they play’. What this does is to download a copy of the movie file after it runs so that the screensaver still works when you’re offline. You can also choose to manually download all the video files at one go.

Lastly, sit back and relax as your Mac brings you to a random city…