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Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS

Google MapsGoogle’s standalone Google Maps app is available on the App Store now. With iOS 6’s own getting negative press again recently, Google Maps app will come just in time. But no maps are perfect, so navigate and drive with care.

The new Google Maps will give you back Street View and also directions for public transports. Matching the Android version, the Google Maps app also includes turn-by-turn driving directions.

Go download from the App Store now.

Google Goggles – the Sudoku buster

Think you are good at Sudoku? Try the new Google Goggles Sudoku solver. Watch the video and become the next Sudoko king…

Download “Google Mobile app”: in iTunes and just snap the Sudoku puzzle with the camera and you’re ready to go!

Google adds live Traffic and Transport info in Singapore

Google adds live Traffic and Transport info in Singapore

While there is no official announcement yet (in the next few hours), but Google has activated the traffic status with information streamed from Land Transport Authority. When you go to “Google Maps Singapore”:, you will notice a new tab – “Traffic” which will show you either a Live traffic update or a predicted traffic status, based on past records. You can also plan your route with public transport information included (not sure if this is new though).

Google Maps Singapore

This new feature also shows up on the Maps app on your iPhone, -although with a smaller feature set as the Desktop browser version-. where the options to travel by car, public transport or walking is available. If you select to travel by public transport, you can set Departure or Arrival time and the routes will be suggested accordingly. For both – green symbolises smooth traffic, yellow moderate and red as slow traffic.

Hopefully coming up after this, is the launch of “Google Maps Navigation”: for iPhone.

Try it on your iPhone now and let us know whether it matches the traffic situation where you at! Between Google Maps now and “”:, we’ll have plenty of good choices in route planning for our small island!

See attached screen shots on the various settings available.

Editing Google Docs spreadsheets on iPhone

Google has extended the features of the mobile Google Docs by giving “editing capabilities”: to spreadsheets stored in there.

bq. Last night, we launched new capabilities to Google Docs for your phone that allow you to add new rows, edit existing cells, sort by columns, and filter by terms. Now you don’t have to wait until you get to your computer to update a spreadsheet, whether it’s your expense tracker, time sheet, or your wine rating spreadsheet.

Though the screen real estate is already limited when you activate the keyboard, Google still managed to format the display of the spreadsheet, making it easily editable.

Hopefully, the editing feature is extended to Documents and as and when Apple decides to put in Cut & Paste, the iPhone can easily replace the laptop for the mobile workers.

Google Sync (beta) for iPhone available

Google just announced a beta version of Google Sync that will let you sync over the air your Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar with your iPhone. Google Sync uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to allow updates (except Gmail) to be pushed between your Google account and your iPhone.

Instructions on setting up can be found on the “Google Support”: page but do take note on a few points. As it is still beta, it is best that all data on the iPhone is fully backed up and your Mac’s AddressBook and iCal are updated.

Some additional points:

  • Requires firmware 2.2 on both iPhone and iPod Touch
  • If you already using another Exchange ActiveSync account with your iPhone, you can’t use Google Sync as the iPhone only supports one ActiveSync profile
  • Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar must be updated before initiating the first sync as data on your iPhone will be deleted during “setup”:
  • Google Sync currently can support up to 5 calendars – “read here”: on setting up the calendars to be synced
  • Once you use Google Sync, you will not be able to sync your Calendar and Contacts on your iPhone via “iTunes”: although you can “use iTunes to update Gmail Contacts”:
  • Google Sync is also “available for those that has their own domains that uses Google Apps”:
  • Not sure whether it will have any conflict with syncing via MobileMe concurrently with Google Sync. If you have both running side by side, do let us know :)
  • Go to “Google Mobile Help Forum”: for more information, problems listing and tips with using Google Sync

Watch a video introduction from Google about Google Sync:

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